Earth and Pipe Contracting, Inc. is a full-service excavation company specializing in site preparation, including underground utilities. The company was founded in 1993 by Darin Dodge, who is the president of the company today. Mr. Dodge began as Darin Dodge Excavation, and the company grew from a one-man operation to two sites covering 46 acres. Earth and Pipe Contracting has a great reputation and a vast list of satisfied customers. We know that quality is making sure the job is done right. Our service area extends as far south as Cincinnati, as far north as Piqua, as far east as Columbus, and west to Germantown, covering several hundred square miles.
At Earth and Pipe Contracting, we use the latest technologies to ensure everything is done right, from computerized estimating to satellite controlled (DGPS) grade control. You can email your PDF files directly to our estimating department for review and bidding, saving you time and money. We will print the drawings in our office and digitize them ourselves, so you get very accurate quantities. We do not have to fluff up earth quantities because we can measure cuts, fills, imports, and exports directly from your design, saving you money. Earth and Pipe Contracting generates a lot of topsoil and timber from our jobs. Naturally, we process this material and have enormous quantities of topsoil and mulch ready for delivery or pickup at very reasonable prices. Contact us for more information about our company or your project.

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Roxanna Clearing and Demo, LLC.

By necessity, we have a subsidiary, Roxanna Clearing & Demo, that does demolition and removal as required for our construction projects and similar work independently. Although we do not do heavy highway-type work, we do almost everything else.

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Roxanna Storage

Our storage facility, located behind our Earth and Pipe Contracting offices, has fourteen 11x30 units that are $110 a month. We also offer outside storage for $35 a month for one spot, as well as semi trailers that run $55 a month and are off the ground.

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